Digital Oulipo


Here you can find information about the Digital Humanities project, “Digital Oulipo,” which was featured as one of the Princeton CDH‘s inaugural projects in 2015-2016. As an official center project, this project is fully documented, passed a design review by the center staff, and is considered peer-reviewed.


All annexes are available on my GitHub repository with a readme file explaining how to operate them. Feel free to peruse the code and play with some Oulipian texts and procedures for yourself! However, I would like to emphasize the fact that the interest in pursuing this project was for me to learn how to code Oulipian texts and procedures in an effort to understand them better. The code itself is less informative than the process I underwent to create it.

In June 2016, this work was presented at the Poetics of the Algorithm conference in Li├Ęge, Belgium. An expanded version of this talk has been accepted for publication in Digital Humanities Quarterly issue 11.3 (here). An essay describing this project and its greater implications for the role of the dissertation in graduate studies was recently published on the MLA Connected Academics Blog here.

Summary of Accomplishments


Thanks must be given to the CDH staff for their support in all its forms. Specifically, I must thank Cliff Wulfman, who was my point person, helping me to design this project and structure it as I saw fit, giving me a practical introduction to programming in Python through a series of pointed exercises, and encouraging me to pursue results that I might not have initially expected.